Clean room Lab

Solid State Laboratory

Atomic Force Microscope

We have Park System XE-70 AFM in which it is able to work as STM, MFM, EFM, I-EFM, and lithography etc. This AFM is placed in a specially designed clean room.

Optical Microscope

We also have Nikon Optical Metallurgical Microscope with higher magnifications.

Computer Lab.

Due to the developing technology and simulation or scientific programs in this time need some specialty computers. In this context we have high technology computers in our labs. These all computers have high process feature and big area of RAM (128 GB).

Dry Heat Sterilizers / Oven

We have Nüve FN400 Oven which operates on temperature up to 300 °C. Also it is suitable for drying, warming and heating, heat treatment and long term stability tests in research and industrial laboratories.